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Mom charged after child left home alone strangles the neighbor's dog.
Vinegar cancer test is saving lives.
Study supports chicken farmer's fight against the EPA.
Career advice? Skip college, become a plumber!

Fate of the Astrodome: $35M to open in 1965, $27M to demo today.

Woman sets fire to snake, which sets fire to house.

Saplings from Anne Frank's tree take root in the US.

The Supreme Court says 'drug dog sniff' is unconstitutional.

Remains of American WWII soldier found on Pacific’s Northern Mariana Islands.
North Texas teachers are offered free handgun training.
What are our dogs thinking?
Bolivia's Evo Morales says relations with US are "like a turd".
Houston area 10 year old shoots sister, kills himself.
Woman dies after cancer is ignored 30 times.
Softball-sized eyeball washes up on FL beach.
Mother of former SEAL asks Romney to stop talking.

Deadbeat parents owe 11 billion dollars in Texas.
LaGrave Field sold to Fort Worth Cats.
Is mainstream media threatening our Country? 
Houston cop accused of not helping drunk teen before fatal crash. 
Amarillo man charged with cutting off dog's ears. 
Skateboarder crashes into deer on downhill race. 
Doctors use brain imaging to treat anorexia.
Fecal transplant cures woman's bacterial infection.
Texas soldier allegedly kills pal trying to cure hiccups.
Houston woman shoots husband over cat. 

Willie Nelson's new memoir to be out in November.
Texas woman accused of encouraging, recording lewd acts of a 3 year old. 
Tour de France operator buying San Antonio marathon.
Acupuncture helping residents cope in violent border towns.
Texas couple catches deer destroying Obama sign.
Private investigators sue Texas church.
Dad no-billed in daughter's shooting death.
Governor Perry backs 'frozen tuition' 
4 to be sentenced in sex assault of Cleveland, TX teenager.
Mexican drug trafficker gets 7 years in Texas.
Rare manatee spotted near Corpus Christi.
'All girl' tire shop is thriving in Texas.
Texas leads Nation in child drownings.
Woman discovers ex-boyfriend living in her attic.
Female combat body armor being tested.
Texas woman wins Publisher's Clearing House.

7-11 donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to make Dallas safer.
BP sells some Gulf of Mexico assets for BILLIONS.
Rare spider stops new Texas highway.
Texas spends big bucks suing federal government.

Texan, CBS News anchor Scott Pelley to anchor live from San Antonio.
Mexico arrests suspect in "Fast and Furious" killing. 
Scotts Miracle-Gro to pay $12.5M over pesticides in bird food.
North Texas Airman's stolen truck recovered.
Tornado strikes beachfront neighborhood in NYC.
Lance Armstrong banned from Chicago marathon.
Deep fried Jambalaya wins State Fair contest.
Galveston family finds missing elderly woman in ditch after 36 hour ordeal.
Ex-mega church in TX sells off property to pay debt.
Green beret from Mesquite dies in Afghanistan combat.
Boaters urged to help stop the spread of zebra mussels.

Chocolate may lower stroke risk for men.
Dogs can be used to detect bed bugs?

Snake in car terrifies driver. 
Army Corps of Engineers: Houston dams pose "catastrophic failure" risk.
Pentagon may take action against SEAL that spoke.
Central TX woman aims for skunk, shoots husband.
Galveston man gets prison for hacking Texas DPS.
Soldier admits he was part of plot to kill President and overthrow Government.
Pianist Van Cliburn diagnosed with bone cancer.
Bigfoot hoax ends in death.
MedStar: Don't call 911 for mosquito bites!
Voice of "the Count", Jerry Nelson, dies at 78.
2 dead in Texas Hill Country private plane crash.
Norwegian gunman sentenced to 21 years in prison for killing 77.
Un-armed San Antonio bus driver brawls with 2 passengers.
Solyndra headquarters could sell at a fraction of original price.
UVA says no, tells the President it's a school night.
Family of John Hinckley, Jr says legal bills are too big for the Reagan shooter.
Mexico may feed off Texas pipelines.
Polygamists may be leaving Texas.
Dancer's concussion gives parents important new warning signs.
Former Cowboys player Sam Hurd bought an ice chest full of pot.
Tall ship Elissa gets FEMA money for Ike repairs.
Actress Natalie Wood: a change in her cause of death.
Texas Judge accused of beating his kid to take a pay cut.
Should TX Judge resign who said Obama's victory could trigger a civil war?

Galveston County backs tax rate cut, staff raises.
Driver's accidental turn into Mexico re-enacted. 
Syphilis may shut down porn movie filming.
A North Texas diocese reaches sex abuse settlement.

Biggest beauty turnoffs, as seen from "real men".
Small bakery owner refuses VP Joe Biden's visit.

Former special forces officers slam Obama for leaks in Bin Laden killing.
Ecuador grants WikiLeaks founder political asylum.
Multi-million dollar pot farms found in Texas forest.

Megadeth singer Dave Mustaine claims Government set up Aurora shooting.
35 pounds of pot found in teacher's car.
Fish kill in Galveston linked to red tide.
Family of College Station shooter says he had "mental issues".
Abusers of social media may face felony in Texas.
Texas lawmakers hold tobacco manufacturing hearing.
Beeville man sees Jesus in breakfast taco.
Almost 3/4 of Texas schools fail to meet federal standards.
Man drives off with borrowed cell phone, dies in fiery crash.
Yet another reason why you should have to be 18 to get on Facebook.
Molestor who impregnated minor sentenced to 25 years.
Pfizer to pay $60M for bribing foreign officials for approval.
You go girl! Pasadena's Marlen Esparza makes Olympic history.
Texas Sheriff's candidate accused of road road incident.

Actor Woody Harrelson discusses his Houston-based play.
TCU quarterback on his positive drug test.
5 surprising ways to stop seasonal allergi
Texas fights prescription drug abuse with the internet.
Experts say trapping backyard wildlife won't make them go away.
North TX truck owner wants DEA to pay for botched sting.
35 miles of Texas road becomes I-69.

Wife says husband faked his get away from her!
Visitors claim to see miracle at Kerrville, TX monument.
$60M high school stadium in Allen, TX.
I guess Chihuahuas do have some value on this Earth.

Murder victim's ashes lost in the mail.
Fort Worth hit-n-run suspect is refugee from Iraq.

Senate committee vote affects C-130's in Texas.

NY Police rescue baby deer from manhole.
Texas woman uses gun to keep smart meter from being installed.
Bucee's becoming more popular in Texas than Dairy Queen?
Houston funeral home buries wrong baby by mistake.
Border Patrol agent killed while aiding motorist.

Welcome to Bikinis, Texas!
Brazoria County baby dies in hot car.
Texas requesting federal data base to "check voters".
Houston area boy dies of bacterial infection from CA vacation.
Border Patrol reports finding human remains up 80% in last year.
Houston kids found living in bus reunited with their father.
Texas veterans claims double in 2 year period.
Radiation detected 400 miles off Japan in the Pacific Ocean.

'Happily ever after' less likely on Facebook.
David Lee Roth explains 'no brown M&Ms backstage'.
Houston teen acquitted of killing her abuser.
Video of the meteor over Texas.
Congress to police itself on insider trading?
Nurse explains new TX Meningitis vaccine law.
Economy sends more retirees to the Texas coast.
Football title ring lost for 23 years returned.
Houston man to pay $1 parking ticket 58 years late.
Pakistani girl burned in US drone attack is treated in Galveston.
Catching up to former POW Jessica Lynch.
First time college students in TX must be vaccinated.
Man asks officer: 'Can I have my weed back?'
Executions at record low in Texas.
Cops in TX town pulling folks give them a gift.
Why can't I sell my kidney?

An amazing experience: Pearl Harbor remembered by Texas veteran.
1941: I was there. FW native recounts his role in history.
Burton Gilliam: Blazing Saddles star on his rise to fame.
Teen wins $100k national science award for cancer break thru.

Stolen Santa returned with 100 bucks and an apology.
Time lapse video shows tsunami wave over Hawaii.
How are dog and cat people different?
Yoga: Stress relief for soldiers suffering PTSD.

Woman takes a 'no chemo' approach to beating cancer.

Five things the U.S. can learn from China.
Italian invents the anti-swine flu holy water dispenser.